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One of the most frequent​ problems we come across when it comes to  MINI Cooper, is turbocharger failure. Before we get into that you may be thinking to  yourself, What’s a turbocharger? Why do I need it? Does my MINI even have  one?, just to name a few. 

 As its name implies, a turbocharger increases the power output of an engine  by utilizing spent exhaust gasses to spin a turbine and for more air into your  engine which creates more power. From 2007-2014 MINI Cooper S with the R56,R55,R57 and R60 designations are equipped with turbochargers. Non S models DO NOT  have them.   

What causes turbocharger failure? The main cause of turbocharger failure is  oil-related – usually due to either an insufficient amount of oil or dirty oil.    

How did my oil get low? How did it get dirty?  

In  answer to the first questions, The manufacture suggests that an engine's  oil consumption of 1qt per 1,000 miles is perfectly normal for today’s modern  engines due to a number of engineering and design factors.    

To stay ahead of this before it becomes an issue we recommend checking of  your engine’s oil every 2-4 weeks or 600 miles. Top off as needed with  recommended oil.    

The reason your engine’s oil gets dirty is most commonly the result of long oil  service intervals. (The dealer/manufacturer/owner's manual,) typically  recommends oil changes on a MINI every 12,000-18,000 miles, depending upon  when the car’s indicator says to do it.) To that we say  nay-nay! With a strong  head shake.  Below are just a few countermeasures you can take.  

  1. After driving (once you have reached your destination), let your MINI  idle for a couple of minutes, rather than turning it off right away. This 
will let the turbo cool down a little before turning it off. It’s also a great  opportunity to jam out to your favorite song.  

2. Keep oil full and cooling system in good working order. Coolant should be  service every 4 years/50,000 miles.  

3. Frequent maintenance. Have one of our highly  qualified  and experienced  MINI Cooper Technicians inspect your MINI Cooper every 6 months.  

It has been our experience over the last 15 years, that when using full  synthetic quality motor oil, it should be drained and have the filter changes  every 5,000 This will prolong the life of your MINI’s engine.    

Are turbocharger failures serious?    

Turbocharger failures can be catastrophic, so they are important to address  at the first sign of a problem.   

Signs of MINI Turbocharger failure  

  • Your check engine light comes on  
  • You hear a loud screeching noise that sounds like metal on metal  
  • You experience a great loss of power, not quite as peppy as it once  was.  
  •  If you experience any of the following signs, you may be on your way to  turbocharger failure. ​Call or stop by Kinetech Motor Werkes ​so our  qualified staff can check out your MINI’s turbocharger immediately.  


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